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Family Doesn’t Stop at our Door

Here at Summerset Senior Living, we believe in showing compassion towards every person that walks through our door. We want to give our residents a level of care that is unrivaled, and we want them to know that the Summerset caretakers and staff truly have their best interest at heart. Additionally, we believe that it’s important to practice that compassion in the community.  We welcome opportunities to show that Summerset is staffed full of individuals who put others’ needs first, and who lend a helping hand wherever they can.  This last weekend, we got to show the Rancho Cordova community exactly what that meant for us, as some of our fellow Californians confronted trying times.


Earlier this week, more than 180,000 people were forced to evacuate areas surrounding the Oroville Dam, due to concerns regarding flooding from recent heavy rainstorms.  The evacuees included individuals young and old, including many residents of Assisting Living and Memory Care facilities who made their way west as officials continued to work to control the dam and assure that residents of the area were safe and out of harm’s way.


Summerset Senior Living’s mission statement is “Your Family is Our Family, Celebrating Life Together,” and this week, we were able to expand our family just a little bit more.  As a facility that serves as an emergency evacuation site, we opened our doors and welcomed 73 new friends from the Yuba City area, as three busses of their senior residents, care staff, and outside medical help arrived at 1:30am on Monday morning.  We know that events such as these can be scary times, and we want to be able to stand up and offer a helping hand whenever possible to assist those in need.   


Of course, life around Summerset today was certainly busier, with 72 new residents and 19 new care staff, but it is a busyness that we welcome!  As authorities in Yuba City and around the Oroville Dam area work to contain the waters, we’ll work to show our new friends everything that Summerset has to offer.  Whether that’s our interactive murals, the beautiful hummingbird gardens, the amazing, chef-prepared meals or the robust activities calendar, we’ll be inviting our new friends to join in and enjoy their time spent with us.  We hope they enjoy our delicious food, our amazing activities, and the amenities that we have to offer, not to mention the generosity and friendliness of the Rancho Cordova community!
This is just one example of the kind of community-awareness, willingness to help and serve, and feeling of generosity that we hope Summerset projects, not only to the Rancho Cordova and Lincoln communities, but to the whole of Central California, and to the state as well!  Rick, our founder’s, personal motto is “we can always do better,” and we hold that to be true not only in the way we conduct our Assisted Living and Memory Care Facilities, but in the way we act with our community, our state, and our world.  Whether you’re old family, new family, or family we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, you’re still our family — and we’re always here to help.