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Welcome to June!

Welcome to June – here are ideas to stay busy while indoors staying cool this summer.

Grab a new book

Summer is a great time to start a new book. Or, a nice alternative to reading is to consider audio books. Local libraries usually have multiple options of Books on Tape or CD’s or there are multitudes of podcasts to download on your mobile devices or laptops.

Have lots of photos all needing organizing?

Collect your family and friends pics together and organize pictures, scrapbooks and share memories. Organize in photo albums, photo boxes or scan and save to your computer or USB drive.

Plan ahead for the holidays

Put together gift lists, organize address books and cards. If your loved one enjoys music, consider putting together a special music collection for them or buy them gift cards that allow them to download their favorite music.

Map out places to go and see

Plan outings to local museums and indoor cultural events. Take in a movie, especially on a hot afternoon when the prices are lower and the air conditioning is a welcome change. Shopping at the mall is always enjoyable and a great form of exercise. Or spend some time at a local bookstore and get an iced coffee or treat while you linger over a book or magazine.

Get Organized

Summer can be a good time to get organized. Slowly go through closets or files, work together on shredding items and cleaning out old files.

Learn something new

It is great for the brain and keeps you fresh. 

Practice a new language (or pick up an old one that you haven’t used in a while, or learn a new craft such as crocheting; take an art class (or practice along with one of the art lesson TV shows); learn and practice a new game-chess, cards, the latest board game; read a different genre book than you would usually or join in with an online book club.

Take a course at the local recreation center or senior center. Courses range from art classes to language lessons to computer classes and much more, usually for very reasonable prices.

Check with local recreation centers and senior centers about other activities. They range from dances to trivia contests and movies to outings and various clubs.

Connect with or embrace technology: If you are not very tech-savvy, consider setting up a computer and internet connection either from a local service or family or friend.

Social networking, online support groups, and informational resources can all be useful. A lot of people enjoy playing games online, such as chess and scrabble. Set up Skype or a similar service for video chatting with family members and friends at a distance. These are just a few ways to get started…

Stay cool and hydrated with a good mix of water and fresh cut fruits. Flavor water with oranges, lemon, lime, cucumber and/or mint for a treat to encourage water intake.

Enjoy Summer!


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