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Volunteering at Summerset

If you’ve never spent time with the residents of Summerset Senior Living, you might not know that our assisted living facilities are home to some wonderful people with amazing stories to share. Our residents’ perspectives on life are the type that only those who have been blessed with longevity can tote, and can teach everyone a thing or two about how to approach the world.

One particular group that we love seeing around the facilities (both at Rancho Cordova and at our new Lincoln location) are young people from the community who spend a bit of time each month volunteering with our residents, by assisting them with their day to day activities, accompanying them to different events, and just serving as a listening ear and a smiling face from time to time! We find that both parties enjoy their time together a great deal, and walk away from the experience having gained something! Some of those benefits gained might even surprise you!

Are you a teenager or member of the youth community who is interested in volunteering with seniors at our Assisted Living communities? Here are three reasons why we think you should give it a thought!


1. Brighten a resident’s day

There is nothing that feels better than helping someone, and providing them with a smile. Our residents very often have family and friends come to visit, but meeting a fresh face and making a new acquaintance can be exhilarating. Who knows; you might even walk away from the experience with a lifelong confidante and friend!


2. Learn something new

One of the best reasons to get to know a senior citizen is to listen to the amazing stories they can tell of their youth. Some of our residents have lived a life that began before every household had a TV, and has spanned the moon landing, the invention of the computer and internet, and the cell phone! Imagine how much knowledge and experience these people must have, and the amazing stories that they must be able to tell!


3. Build up your professional experience

Whether you’re volunteering to fulfill service hours for school, are trying to build your resume, or simply like the experience, working with our residents can help prepare you for the professional world not only by giving you tangible work experience, by teaching you some amazing soft skills as well! You’ll walk away more empathetic, a better listener, a better communicator, and much more interpersonal. These skills will serve you in your professional life down the line, and you’ll have your experience volunteering with Summerset to thank!


As you can see, there are many reasons to volunteer with the senior citizen community, and these are only a few! No matter what your motivations, you will walk away from it having changed two lives – your new friend’s, and yours!


If you’re curious on how to start, or if you have more questions, you can contact us. We hope to see you at Summerset Senior Living Soon!