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Summerset Senior Living Honors our Veterans

With Memorial Day approaching this weekend, we would like to honor our veterans as we thank them for their service everyday.  

It is a day when we honor those who have given their lives in defense of our country, not be confused with Veterans Day, which honors everyone who has served in U.S. military.  

Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day.  It was established by a group of Union veterans in 1868, as a time to decorate the graves of Union soldiers who had died in the Civil War. The holiday became known as Memorial Day in 1882, but the original name remained in use in many circles until after World War II. Federal law officially dubbed it “Memorial Day” in 1967. 

Every veteran has a story and it’s important in our busy lives that we pause for moment and hear their the tales that they so enjoy sharing.  History told through the eyes of those who served is a perspective that many don’t get to hear.  

Many of our parents and grandparents sacrificed so much in order to serve our country.  Having heartfelt conversations with veterans helps warm the hearts of everyone involved.  

In the technology driven world we live in, real conversation is a testament to the power of words… stories connect hearts and souls and build an enduring line of connection in a very disconnected world.  

Stop and talk to a Veteran, not just over Memorial Day, but any day you get the honor to meet one.


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