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4 Easy Activities to Get Seniors Moving

It’s a well known fact that exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.  Besides helping us to stay at our ideal weight, it also strengthens cardiovascular health, improves bone strength, increases flexibility, and keeps our muscles active and efficient; it even helps provide oxygen to our brain!  


These effects aren’t limited to just the younger population, though; no matter what age, exercise should be an important part of one’s daily routine.  This includes senior citizens, who should partake of exercise for all the reasons listed above, in addition to the fact that exercise helps fight against osteoporosis and diabetes, can assist in the fight against some types of cancer, and can even help to reduce pain caused from arthritis.  Of course, exercise must also be adapted for age, and senior citizens should try to avoid high-impact exercise that can cause more pain to their joints or unnecessary stress to their bodies.  Senior citizens should also consult with their physician and physical therapist before attempting any new exercise routines.


Here are four great ideas to get senior citizens moving in a low-impact and enjoyable way!


  1. Water-based Workouts


Swimming is an incredible, full-body exercise that offers a low-impact way to get a cardiovascular workout.  However, pool exercise isn’t just limited to swimming laps; walking laps in the shallow end of the pool, partaking in low-impact water aerobic classes, or even using a kickboard to slowly make your way around are all great ways to enjoy exercise in the water!


  1. Balance Activities


Maintaining balance is an important feat for senior citizens, as it helps to prevent later falls.  Senior citizens can hone their balance skills by doing simple exercises, like trying to stand on one foot, or getting up and down from a chair without holding on.  These are measurable exercises, as well, and with practice, progress can easily be noted!


  1. Senior Citizen Yoga

Yoga isn’t just for kids anymore!  Many gyms and community centers now offer senior citizen yoga, or chair yoga.  A slow-moving, chair-based practice, this type of yoga is specified to senior citizens and individuals with low mobility, and is a great way to stretch, get strength training, and work on balance and posture!


  1. Strength Exercises


Strength exercises are vital in fighting against osteoporosis and other bone-related illnesses, and are absolutely something that senior citizens can partake in.  Seniors should consider using small hand weights or resistance bands, and should work together with their doctor or physical therapist to create a routine that’s sustainable, targeted, and individualized to their health and mobility!


As you can see, there are many options of senior citizens who want to take steps toward creating better health and maintaining it in the long run! Again, we encourage any senior citizen who is interested in introducing exercise into their routine to consult with a medical professional before attempting these exercises independently.  We hope to see everyone getting their heart rates up soon!