Larry - Summerset Senior Living team


Executive Director – Rancho Cordova


Larry has been working in the healthcare industry since 1989. His first job was as a Business Office Manager for Crestwood Hospital. It was during his time at Crestwood that he realized the importance of caring for seniors in a dignified and respectful way. Inspired, Larry graduated from college and attained his first job as a senior living administrator in 1995. After many years of serving in Executive Director and Regional Management roles throughout Northern California, Larry joined the Summerset Rancho Cordova team in the summer of 2016. As Executive Director, he makes the quality of care a top priority for each resident and employee who is a part of the Summerset community. He is deeply committed to providing seniors and their family a place that is safe, caring, and honorable to people that are in need of a new way to live. In his free time, Larry enjoys spending time with his family, cooking delicious meals and enjoying the outdoors.