It only takes one good moment to be inspired

Within the Summerset family of facilities, we are constantly looking to better the lives of our residents with dementia and memory care issues. Our program is based on the belief that everyone benefits from improvements, from our residents to their families and to our staff.

These improvements can come from trying new activities, such as ping-pong, putting practice, shuffleboard, gardening or even basketball. They can be found by working on new skill sets, such as poetry, art classes or scrap-booking.

There are even therapeutic and educational options that can be found within our community. Programs such as It’s Never 2 Late, Sing Fit, Reminisce Therapy or our interactive wall murals. All of these features are designed to help your loved one better deal with the disease, while maintaining their dignity and respect.

We are able to better our residents’ lives by instilling and following our core beliefs and philosophies, which include:

  • Fostering independence while allowing residents to thrive at their highest level.
  • Providing a safe and secure environment, while creating and allowing safe wandering zones and activities.
  • Our philosophy of See the Person, Find the Story. We develop individual programs that enhance who that person is today, where they have been and how we can help bring them out today.
  • Hiring only trained and dedicated staff who understand dementia and its unique needs.
  • Providing peace of mind for the families. Our care and home environment helps families pursue their lives guilt-free while giving them back the relationship they deserve with their loved ones.
  • Creating dementia and Alzheimer’s support groups, allowing families to interact with each other, share stories, process grief and learn more about the progression of the disease in a community environment.
  • Allowing resident and community pets to help ease anxiety and depression.
  • Bringing in children of all ages from surrounding day care and school programs.
  • Instilling person centered approaches to each resident that enhance the cognitive skills remaining and improve attention deficits
Progressive Memory Care Facilities | Lincoln, CA | indoor living features
Outdoor Living Features | Progressive Memory Care Facilities | Lincoln, CA

We are more than just a memory care community. We recognize this is home to your loved one, we value your trust in us and we believe in honoring your loved one.

If the services and amenities we offer seem like your kind of lifestyle, and if you would like to lean more about how our progressive memory care facilities can improve your daily life without sacrificing your independence, then contact us today. We would love to show you our facilities in person.


He stopped me and thanked me for taking good care of his wife. Then he paused, looked at me and asked:
“Do you think you can help her remember me?”

I wish I could. We can do a lot of things with our staff and our Inspirations Program, but helping folks regain their lost memories is not one of them. People do not realize how traumatic it can be for families to have to grieve the loss of someone who is standing right in front of them. Having to watch their loved one decline physically and mentally. Seeing them forget who you are and who they are. Watching them become increasingly confused about smaller and smaller things. It is absolutely heart wrenching. Dementia is much harder on the families than it is for the person with the disease. At some point, the person with dementia will no longer know they have it. The family will always know.

I constantly emphasize to families the difference between basic memory loss and dementia is subtle, but staggering. Memory loss is asking: “Where are my keys?” Dementia is: “What are my keys for?” Sometimes the symptoms start out as something you would not even remotely associate with dementia, symptoms such as, inappropriate behavior, anger, cursing, laughing when someone gets hurt or aggression. Sometimes it is a lot more obvious, like being confused about where you live or not recognizing lifelong friends or family. People with dementia can exhibit behaviors completely out of character or they can become almost excessively more of what they have always been. There really are no absolutes about this disease, other than the fact that it can be absolutely devastating to live with.

Memory care programs and facilities such as ours need to be designed to create a safe, secure environment where people with dementia can live and function at their highest levels. It should feel like a place where families can leave their loved ones knowing they will be cared for, nurtured and treated with dignity and respect. It should feel like home.

Most families have tried taking care of their loved one with dementia at home. This can be a hard, unrewarding, frustrating and nerve-wracking job for anyone — much less for someone without the proper physical environment or training for the disease and its symptoms. We take the burden of care away from you and give you back the relationship you and your loved one deserve. It is our job to make sure your loved one is happy and healthy so you can go back to just being a family member paying a visit to someone you love.

We believe in leaving people better than we found them and we are always striving to be better. It is a philosophy we live and train by. We consider it an honor to provide your loved ones with the care and comfort they deserve and we take the privilege of sharing our community with them very personally and very seriously.

Welcome to Summerset. Welcome Home.


Sheri Kimbro, Memory Care Director